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The testimonies on this website have been given down through the years by those who have taken the healing herbs.  We cannot emphasize enough that these people are not actors and they were no monetary compensations given.  Neither were there any scripts, practices or rehearsals.  We truly believe that each testimony was given from the heart to the glory of God. The information contained Nature's Formula For Healthy living (this “Website”) is presented solely for general informational  purposes so that you make an informative decision to try the product. NOTHING CONTAINED ON THE WEBSITE IS INTENDED TO CONSTITUTE, NOR SHOULD IT BE CONSIDERED, MEDICAL ADVICE OR TO SERVE AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ADVICE OF A PHYSICIAN OR OTHER QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. WE MAKE NO ASSURANCES OF THE INFORMATION BEING FIT OR SUITED TO YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS, ORTHER THAN TO PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH BY AIDING THE BODY IN ITS NATURAL HEALING PROCESS. AND TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES AND LIABILITIES RELATED TO YOUR USE OF ANY OF THE INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM THE WEBSITE OR THE PRODUCT.  YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITE WILL NEVER CONSTITUTE OR OVERRIDE A DOCTOR PATIENT RELATIONSHIP.


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