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Order Your 

Nature's Formula

Healing Herbs

Or Your

Daniel's Plan For

Weight Loss 

What You Will Receive...

Hear Sister Barbara's Personal

Testimony About Her 600 lb Son

New Year's Special

Nature's Formula Healing And Cleansing Herbs

6 Month Supply of Healing Herbs

6 Month Supply or Cleansing Herbs

Normally $357.00

For Only 



Plus S/H

New Year's Special

Nature's Formula Daniel's Plan For Weight Loss

60 Day Supply of Spirit & Power Herbal Energizer: For When You Need Energy While Losing Weight (FREE GIFT)

60 Day Supply of Healing Herb Teas:Aid Your Body To Burn Massive Calories And Body Fat

30 Day Supply of Full Body Detox Herb Teas: Aid Your Body In A Full Detox And Cleansing

Normally $219.00


Plus S/H

For Only 


Aid's the body in weight loss up to 20 lbs plus diabetes,

arthritis pain, High blood pressure and much more

Targets the body in 'Mass Weight Loss' up to 60 lbs plus As Well As Weight Related Sicknesses

Nature's Formula For Healthy Living

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