Dear child of God, first of all I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart.  And I want you to know that it is not my intentions to pester you with constant emails.  But, the Lord keeps putting you on my heart to make this offer.


If you have heard my broadcast of the past 25 years, then you would know that a 6 month supply of Nature’s Formula Healing Herbs has ranged from $357 to over $500.  But because of the pestilence or disease that Jesus said that we would suffer from in the last days, that time is upon us.  Not only have we been dealing in the past with the measles, chicken pox and the shingles, now we are dealing with the resurgence of the Coronavirus and the Monkey Pox. 


As Paul spoke to the Romans in the 12 Chapter and the 1st verse, I too beg you to go on God’s medicine.  I realize that money might be tight, but this is why I have reduced God’s medicine, the Healing and Cleansing herbs to $89 for 6 month supply with 4 months of that supply being absolutely free. 


I am trying to get the word out to the saints that this is approximately $14.50 a month for Nature’s Formula Healing and Cleansing herbs. As you probably know, this is a tremendous sacrifice for me and our company.  But, I must obey God no matter what.  Please take advantage of this special offer today because I don’t know how long these supplies will last. 

6 month cbd.jpg